Reduce Static Electricity, Cracked Floors, Dry Skin…
And Air Quality-Related Breathing Problems.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With Professional Humidifiers And Air-Quality Control From Denver Furnace & AC.

Air & Humidity Quality Control Centennial

Humidity Control

The Problem: When you warm cold outside air to room temperature, the air has a greater capacity to hold moisture. Indoor 70° air can hold many times the moisture than the cold outside air which leaks into your home. That means warm, dry air in your house will cause it to feel dry, cold and uncomfortable, even at 75°.

You’re probably already familiar with problems that result from dry air; in addition to just being uncomfortable, the dry air “steals” moisture from plaster, wood, glue, and fabrics, which over time results in ceiling and wall cracks, loose furniture joints and flooring, shrinking moldings, and loose wall paper. Leather dries out, oil paintings crack, plants start to wilt, and the piano goes out of tune. All thanks to dry air. Not to mention annoying static electricity and painful dry skin.

The Solution: For proper humidity control in Centennial, Denver, and Aurora CO, you need a whole-house humidifier to put moisture back into your home’s air so you can avoid all these problems. A professional quality, whole-house humidifier with a humidistat (counterpart to the thermostat) will automatically keep your home at the optimal humidity level. These are built into many new homes, but for older homes, it is considered an essential (not optional) upgrade for humidity control in Centennial and Denver.

Don’t go cheap and use portable units in only the areas that seem to be affected. They’ll leave the other parts of your home at risk, and may actually over-humidify and damage your belongings. Installing your own whole-home humidifier is also not recommended; the process is extremely complicated and requires many special parts that do not come with the unit.

For professional whole-home humidifier installation, please call us to discuss your options.

Air Quality Control

The EPA reports that indoor air quality can be 100 times worse than outside air. Airborne pollutants may include:

Improved indoor air-quality control in Denver includes not only filtering the air but also removing the source(s) of air contamination. You should have an energy audit performed on your home that will reveal the amount of ventilation needed in your home for it to be considered healthy.

You should also upgrade your existing furnace filter system to a high-efficiency air cleaner. This is particularly true if you have pets or smokers in the house… or if you have family members who suffer from allergies or asthma. We can help you understand your air quality improvement options—give us a call to start with the home energy audit in Denver, Centennial, or Aurora CO.