You Need A Professional Diagnosis From A Qualified & Certified Expert

Beware Of Furnace/AC Companies In Denver Who Send “Free Consultation” Salesmen Instead.


Your heating and cooling system is the most complex machine in your home. When you have a problem, it’s absolutely imperative that the problem be accurately diagnosed by a qualified technician with the proper equipment.

Too often, other companies will send under-qualified technicians or even non-technical salesmen to sell you a solution. They’ll offer to come for free—or offer a low cost, loss-leader “consultation” price —just to get in your door… then inflate the price of your Denver furnace repair to recoup their costs and sales commissions. And the expensive repair may not actually fix your real problem or include more than you actually need.

We’re completely different: One of the owners of our company will personally visit your home and inspect the problem with the proper tools to give an accurate diagnosis. We’ll discuss your options openly and honestly: sometimes customers prefer a cheaper, “quick-fix” solution that will fix the immediate problem, but won’t solve the underlying issues. More frequently, customers want to tackle the problem by the roots and resolve it completely to avoid future problems.

Either way, we only shoot straight, and we always stand behind our work.

Our price list is standardized so you never have to wonder if you’re being taken advantage of. SEE IT HERE.

Our minimum Response Charge is $189, but applies toward the actual furnace repairs in Denver that we perform.

Our main concern is treating you fairly and with respect—and with getting your problem fixed right the first time. Call us to discuss your situation; we’d be honored to give you any advice and solutions we can.

Consultation & Diagnosis FAQ

Why do you charge a minimum $189 response charge? I’ve seen others offer this service for FREE, or for a lower price like $69 or $89.

Because we refuse to play pricing games. Obviously, it costs money to travel to your home and diagnose a problem the right way, and those other Denver furnace-repair companies know it. They offer low prices knowing full well that they will simply inflate the repair charge later. We’re not that kind of company. We prefer to keep everything transparent.

But what if I just want to find out what is wrong so I can fix it myself?

Then you’re probably not a good fit for us as a customer. This is one major reason we charge a Response Charge; I’m sure you understand why we can’t afford to send our technicians to your home for free.

Is the Response Charge applied to my final bill?

It is, but realize that in some cases, where complicated problems exist, it may actually take longer to diagnose your problem, and the Response Charge may actually be higher. Think about it this way: Most doctors’ visits are routine and most problems can be easily diagnosed, which means a minimal diagnosis fee. But think about health problems that are relatively complex or hard to diagnose; they may require additional testing, specialized equipment, and/or experts in different disciplines. Our goal is to make sure the problem is properly diagnosed so the proper remedy can be applied to all of our furnace repairs in Denver. Period.