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Furnace and heating system emergencies are unlikely to happen at convenient times. If your heater stops working at night, over the weekend, or during a holiday you need to call for emergency furnace service in Capital Hill, CO. Denver Furnace and AC is a leader in emergency heating and cooling response. We offer 24/7/365 service to ensure everyone is fully protected in case these essential systems fail.

Furnace failure or malfunction can be problematic for many reasons. Healthy adults will certainly find the dropping indoor temperatures uncomfortable, but children and older adults may get sick if they become chilled. Pets also have to be kept relatively warm. Pipes and plumbing fixtures can freeze without a reliable source of indoor heat. Once pipes freeze, the ice impedes fixture operation. The frozen water expands and has the potential to burst pipes, causing extensive damage.

Instead of waiting till Monday to call for furnace service in Capital Hill, CO, call Denver Furnace and AC as soon as trouble arises. We have temporary heaters and other solutions that homeowners can rely on. Call us today at (303) 695-1465, or request a free estimate online.