What Is a Nest Thermostat, and Why Is it the Best Purchase You Will Ever Make

If you are the type of person who likes to save money, as do most people, then you may want to look into a Nest thermostat installation in Denver. Thermostats have come a long way from the old rounded knob on the wall that you just turned the dial to the number you wanted.

What Is in It for You

Studies have shown that you can save up to 15% on your cooling bills and up to 12% on your heating bills. With these statistics, you can see where the new thermostat could pay for itself in just a couple years.

Comfort Is Only a Touch Away

Wireless touch screens make it possible for you to control this thermostat with a smart phone app. How many times have you arrived home from a long trip and found the inside of your home sweltering because you had set the thermostat to a high number since no one was going to be home for several days. With the app on your phone, this does not need to happen. Once you are getting close to home, all you do is go into the app and adjust the temperature of your home so that it will be nice and cool when you walk in. Another handy feature is that you can preset it for when you are in town and set another schedule for when you are away from home. Then all you do is push the button as you leave.

Various Schedules Make Life Easy

Do you like it cool as you sleep but prefer to have it nice and warm before you stick your feet out from under the blankets first thing in the morning? This is no problem, any longer. You can program the thermostat to various temperatures at certain times of the day and evening for your comfort.

You will not be disappointed once you get your Nest thermostat installation in Denver completed. You will wonder why you waited so long. With its fast installation and setup, your new controls will be up and running in no time.