The Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

The Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

Posted January 20, 2016

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There are many HVAC companies in Denver, CO, that can service appliances. Maintaining your heating and cooling systems may help improve the efficiency of your home, but if you want to ensure that your systems are as resourceful as possible, hire a company experienced in home energy audits.An expert in this field can help you save energy, lower utility costs and make your home more comfortable.

Energy Savings

In order to truly save a measurable amount of energy, you must identify the most inefficient areas of your home, and focus repair efforts there first.Some homes have poor insulation and lose the majority of their heat through the attic space.Others have issues with drafts, and need weather stripping or seals installed around windows and doors.HVAC companies in Denver, CO, that specialize in home energy audits can pinpoint the exact windows, doors or eaves that are causing the thermal loss and then recommend repairs that will lower energy consumption.

Lower Utility Costs

When your home is well-sealed and insulated, there is less need for heating and cooling.Furnaces and air conditioners run fewer times per day and for shorter periods, which translates into direct savings on monthly utility bills.During your home energy audit, a HVAC professional will attach a blower door to the front of your home and use several gauges and tools to measure the overall tightness of your residence, as well as exactly where leaks are occurring.

A More Comfortable Home

When drafts are eliminated, home becomes more comfortable.During your assessment, be sure to let the auditor know of any drafts or other cold or hot spots in yourhousehold.He will carefully check each area to determine how air is flowing in and around the room and then pinpoint any problem spots.Reliable HVAC companies in Denver, CO, will be able to provide you with many suggestions for improving the comfort and energy-efficiency of your home.

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