Smart Thermostats Save Energy

Smart Thermostats Save Energy

Posted November 30, 2015

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The thermostat is the brain that tells your home’s heating and air conditioning units when to operate. Home thermostats have undergone a revolution in energy saving options, with Honeywell leading the way. It’s worth exploring your options for Honeywell thermostat installation in Denver to deal with the high elevation weather extremes.

Would you like to save money and make your home more green but can’t afford the expense of a new heating and cooling system? Upgrade your thermostat. From 7-day programmable to Wi-Fi connected thermostats, you have options. Programmable thermostats have improved displays to make them more user-friendly. With a Wi-Fi connected thermostat, you can monitor and control your home’s temperature from virtually anywhere.

Because the thermostat must fit with your existing system, it is worth seeking out professional advice about Honeywell thermostat installation in Denver. While a certain model of thermostat may seem great, if all the features don’t work with your existing furnace and air conditioner, it isn’t the right choice. A professional HVAC contractor will evaluate your home and your heating needs. Do you need one thermostat? Does your current system support zone temperature control? Will a new thermostat improve your system’s performance or is your current thermostat adequate?

Find a heating and cooling professional that is willing to expertly answer those questions. Ask if the company’s technicians have earned Honeywell’s professional certifications and about other technical and manufacturers’ training they’ve had. Also find what the company’s customer service support is like. You may have questions about your new thermostat in summer and in winter. Is the company willing to help you without additional costly charges? A quality company understands that customer support drives a positive customer experience and repeat business.

It may be possible for you to achieve improved energy efficiency and lower energy bills without changing out your home’s entire system. Look into Honeywell thermostat installation in

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