Changing Your Air Filter Has Big Benefits

Changing Your Air Filter Has Big Benefits

Posted December 16, 2015

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A dirty air filter can cause multiple problems in your home. That is why it is important to keep an eye on this small but important part of your HVAC system. You can have a top-of-the-line unit, but if you are circulating dirty air throughout your house, it is bad for your system and for your family. Do you know when to change your air filter? You should first understand why it is so important.

There are two main reasons to change your air filter. First, if a filter is clogged with dust and other airborne particles, it can cause a decrease in efficiency of your heating or cooling system. It can also cause your unit to work harder than it is intended to and potentially cause operational problems. Second, dirty air can have negative health effects to you and your family. If someone has allergies or asthma in the household, they can be particularly vulnerable to unclean air.

Optimally, the best frequency of when to change your air filter is once a month. This will ensure that your system will continue to run properly. It will also give you peace of mind that the air circulation in the household is of good quality and not creating respiratory complications to anyone in your family.

You have a number of options for the type of air filter you choose to install in your home. They have MERV ratings (minimum efficiency reporting value), with a scale of 1,12. The higher the number the better it filters contaminants out of the air including a wide array of allergens.

Changing your air filter will help your HVAC system and your family. Knowing when to change your air filter will prolong the life of your unit, and keep your air clean for everyone inside your home. Changing the filter once a month is a small task that has big benefits.

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