Does It Really Make Sense To Have
The Company Owner Answer The Phone?

Only If You Love What You Do… And Love Interacting With Customers.

Denver Furnace & AC

In business, the experts tell you to build a “scalable” business.

That means you have to have a system of interchangeable parts and people so that the business can grow really big, really fast.

Like the way McDonald’s does hamburgers. They can train anyone to tend the cash register or cook frozen French fries in their pre-set deep fry machines. They’ve built a zillion restaurants because their business model is “scaleable.”

But we don’t want a scalable business. Or a big business.

At Denver Furnace & AC, we decided a long time ago that our passion is people and air comfort—in that order.

We absolutely love talking to customers on the phone about Denver furnace/AC repair and replacement. It allows us to get a better feel for what your system’s problem is so we can be better prepared to fix it when we show up. We could hire and send another technician… but we love HVAC work. It’s what we’re great at. We love to see happy customers who appreciate great work and great service for AC and furnace repair in Denver, Centennial, and Aurora CO.

We could be a big business.

We choose to be a people business.

Thanks for giving us a shot.

Alex & Tim

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